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Free archive and backup software for Windows

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 Bitser has been certified by Microsoft as compatible with Window 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7


doc  Documentation - Bitser Manual

YouTube  Video Tutorial - How to open, extract and convert RAR files

YouTube  Video Tutorial - How to create an encrypted backup of your files

YouTube  Video Tutorial - How to extract multiple zip,rar and 7z files

YouTube  Video Tutorial - How to delete empty folders and directories in Windows

YouTube  Video Tutorial - How to calculate folder sizes in Windows explorer

YouTube  Video Tutorial - How to download and install Bitser

manual icon  File extension BPW (.bpw) - Bitser password file

manual icon  How to restore default zip file associations in Windows

manual icon  Checksum Calculator from Windows Explorer context menu (MD5,SHA-1,SHA-256)

manual icon  How to open .7z file extensions with Bitser freeware

manual icon  File extension RAR - How to open .rar files with Zipware freeware

manual icon  Convert 7z to zip file using Bitser's converter

manual icon  7zip Download with Digital Certificate and Checksums

manual icon  Is Bitser safe to download

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Bitser's interface can be translated into any language. Every time a new version of Bitser is released the latest translation files will be included. If you want to learn how to translate Bitser please click here.


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